Unlimited Design and Web Development, one monthly fee.

Get your design and web development needs met without any surprise costs. Scale up and down as needed.

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Pause Anytime
Unlimited Brands

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A design partner at your finger tips. You get the productivity of an in-house designer without breaking the bank.

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You pick a plan & request as many designs or web dev jobs as you need. We will handle them one at a time.

You can manage your requests using Trello and get your deliverables in 2 business days on average.

You get unlimited reviews. We refine the designs until you’re 100% satisfied.

"After the first 3 months of working with Zanubio, the popularity of our social pages has increased by over 240% due to the stunning design of our visuals.

And that's not all: we love the subscription model; it's like having an in-house designer with fixed monthly costs and unlimited tasks, but without actually having one."

Adrian Ispas
CEO Vatis Tech

Exclusive Memberships


Enjoy perks that will make you wish you had joined us sooner. We're your design dream come true!

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You won't spend time in meetings anymore. You manage everything using your own Design Board.

Fast Delivery

You get your deliverables one at a time in just 2 business days on average.

Transparent Pricing

You can say goodbye to surprise costs. Pay the same fee each month.

Exceptional Quality

You get amazing designs and web dev whenever you want them. Just a touch away.

All yours

We create it you own it. The designs are yours to use, modify and cherish, forever.

Flexible & Scalable

You can scale up and down based on your business’ requirements. Pause or Cancel anytime.

Unlimited Requests

You can request as many designs as you need. We deal with them one at a time.

No Contracts

You enjoy complete freedom, no strings attached. Cancel or pause anytime, no questions asked.

Unlimited Brands

You can  manage as many brands as you like under one subscription.

Latest Work

Take a peek at what we've been up to lately. See how we make ideas come alive, creating awesome stuff for brands just like yours!

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All You Will Ever Need in Terms of Design and Web Development

We do just about everything you could ever require in terms of design and web development.

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What we do

Web and APP Design*
Any Custom Requests*
Packaging & Labels
Brand Guides
Design Systems*
Blog Graphics
Pitch Decks
Ad Creatives
Slide Decks
Logo Animations
*Requires Design & Development Subscription

Pricing Made


Now you can achieve your visual identity with our transparent pricing. No surprises, just your route to unleashing your brand's digital greatness.


Perfect for small companies
Unlimited Requests
You can que up unlimited design requests such as logo, covers, etc.
1 Request at a time
We deal with each request 1 at a time. You you get each design in 1-2 business days.
1 Brand
Request designs for 1 brand.
Video max 30s
Request designs for 1 brand.
Web Development
Request videos under 30s.
Website UI/UX
Request UI/UX designs for you websites.
Request UI/UX designs for you apps.

Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing
Perfect if you want to get a custom quote

Ideal if our subscriptions don't cover all your needs or you need more output.

Ideal for bigger companies
You tell us what you need and we tell you the price. 
Choose your own terms
You tell us what you need and we tell you the price. 

"The whole design and development process have been smooth and very straight forward. You really do get everything you want with 1 subscription, it's crazy! Best part is that you don't have any surprise costs and you can request everything you could ever need in terms of design and development. Kudos to the team!"

Founder Paveland UK

Included in All Design Subscriptions:

Brand Guides
Blog Graphics
Pitch Decks
Ad Creatives
Slide Decks


Why choose us over hiring a designer full-time?

Save big on hiring costs. A full-time mid-level designer starts at €30,000 annually, with no guarantee that you'll have enough work to keep them busy at all times. This means you are paying for time that you cannot utilize. With our subscription, you can pause and resume as needed, ensuring you pay only when you have work that needs to be done. Total control, zero waste.

How do Unlimited Requests work?

Once subscribed, you're free to queue up as many design requests as your want or need. We take care of them one by one, ensuring each creation receives our full attention and expertise.

How fast will I get my designs?

You can expect most designs within two days or less on average. While more complex requests such as UI/UX or website design might take a bit more time. You can find a full list of estimates for each type of request here.

What is the Pause feature?

We understand that sometimes you might not have enough work to fill up a month. If your design needs aren't constant, our pause feature steps in. Say you've used our service for 10 days out of a billing cycle – pausing means you'll retain those remaining days for future use.

Need a one-time job. Can I still work with you?

Yes, we are open to project-based collaborations as well. You can send an inquiry here to get a quote. However, most of our clients find that working on a subscription is more advantageous.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to membership specifications and the high quality of work we do not offer refunds.